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LA Fitness has a permanent service department for the purpose of servicing and repairing LA Fitness machines. However if you have a piece of equipment that is not from LA Fitness we may also be able to fix yours. Below is information about the costs for repairs outside of the 1yr Parts & Labour warranty and for non-LA Fitness equipment.

LA Fitness Service Terms and Conditions

LA Fitness machines:

Callout service fee:

  • $75.00 per hour - includes travel, examination and first hour repair time.


  • $75.00 per hour - LA Fitness machines returned/brought in by customers for a service


  • These fees are only applicable for machines outside the 1yr labour warranty period.
  • The $75.00 repair fee must be paid BEFORE a technician attends the job. (Unless payment has been arranged by another method)
  • Please note if payment is made by cheque the service cannot commence until it has been cleared by the bank.
  • Parts requiring repair or replacement not caused by a manufacturing fault will be charged for.
  • $75.00/hr charge is once first hour has lapsed.


NON LA Fitness machines:

(Equipment purchased from other suppliers)

  • $75.00 per hour - includes examination and quote if part/s needed. This must be paid BEFORE an examination is carried out.
  • $75.00 per hour once first hour has lapsed.
  • We prefer for non-LA Fitness machines to be delivered to LA Fitness Petone by the customer, located at 56 Hutt Road, Petone, Wellington. This way we can complete an onsite inspection to check for parts compatibility.
  • If the customer cannot deliver the machine we may be able to make a house call (location dependant) but can’t ensure we have the right parts without an inspection. Additional charges may apply if more than one trip is required.
  • Due to manufacturer’s parts not being compatible across all brands we cannot guarantee that LA Fitness parts can be used. If this is the case the customer will need to source the parts themselves from the original supplier.
  • We guarantee our workmanship for 3 months after the repair but do not guarantee any parts fitted that are supplied from different manufacturers.


Machine Maintenance:

By performing routine maintenance on your equipment you can prolong the life as well as prevent any major issues from occurring.

Please see the below links for handy information on how to maintain/service your equipment as well as error code explanations should they occur. If for any reason you are unsure and think the issue cannot be resolved by following these instructions please contact our customer service team on 0800 452 348 or
For more information please see our full Terms & Conditions.


Treadmill Maintenance and Error Codes


General Cardio Machine Maintenance

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